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Comfort for your Clients

Our Service and Engineering departments treat each installation, maintenance call or emergency service visit as an opportunity to improve comfort while cutting energy costs. We take a proactive approach to familiarize ourselves with each facility to find efficiencies for our clients.

Our team works with your facility managers to develop an understanding and relationship with your organization, equipment, and buildings to ensure our service is tailored specifically to suit your requirements.

The efficiency and lifespan of Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation systems are impacted by the proper maintenance of your building’s HVAC systems. We perform routine preventative maintenance to alert customers of possible equipment failures before they become serious.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers serve a vital role in heat rejection. The Applied service team maintains and services cooling towers to ensure that the building is operating at optimal performance and peak efficiency.


Whether it’s an emergency repair or scheduled overhaul, Applied’s team of experienced G1 Gas Technicians are quick to respond to customer demands. Ensuring fuel burning appliances meet stringent code installation standards and performance testing, our team will ensure boilers of all makes and sizes are burning cleanly and efficiently.

We ensure hydronic temperatures are maintained at appropriate levels based on building demand, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Make Up Air Units and Associated Ventilation Systems

Both fuel burning and hydronic make up air unit service and maintenance are routine for the team at Applied. We not only service the equipment, but understand how the ventilation system functions as a part of the building system as a whole. Our G1 Licensed gas technicians work to ensure equipment is maintaining proper temperature setpoints, while operating efficiently through routine maintenance, and emergency services when required.

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